Homegirls VooDoo

from by Since When?

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homegirls voodo
who knew
some psylocibin
and the power of the natural mind
could have me set
juliet took that secret to the grave
ima stone cold believer
got the whole click eating off

i got habits for days
a ballad to play
for any occasion
many a statements people
making so tasteless
but ill take it
throw some pepper on the pasta
give the food for thought some flavor
need a favor keep yo oculars honest
and keep that grip loose
dont assume shit
specially the position
unless you gotta do it quick
to get em out yo grill and go about yo business
just say yes sir
do what yah want
I'm as old as i wanna be when i wanna be
like wasp little funny b
buzzing round the pound shit
it sound like love i
might just wanna get down
all these things to worry bout
but not one of em money
shout out to the guardian angel she been out here for me

reapeat hook

tell em I'm in heaven if they calling
tell em i aint calling back
heaven aint got reception
the only advice i takes
from ten year old myself
and my health aint as important
as to fill my urge to build
watch mean if words could kill
watch see is not whats real
i feel the struggle tho
i won't ever stress a hoe
but i could love her tho fuck friends
i got family
police can't stand me
one time in florida
i was trippin shrooms with juliet
she cut off my dread
then cut it open cast a spell on it
then i flipped all of my boomers made my way to tennessee
to meet up with some demons
get freaky where the speakers be

repeat hook


from 4, released November 29, 2015



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Since When? Nashville, Tennessee

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