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released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Since When? Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Homegirls VooDoo
homegirls voodo
who knew
some psylocibin
and the power of the natural mind
could have me set
juliet took that secret to the grave
ima stone cold believer
got the whole click eating off

i got habits for days
a ballad to play
for any occasion
many a statements people
making so tasteless
but ill take it
throw some pepper on the pasta
give the food for thought some flavor
need a favor keep yo oculars honest
and keep that grip loose
dont assume shit
specially the position
unless you gotta do it quick
to get em out yo grill and go about yo business
just say yes sir
do what yah want
I'm as old as i wanna be when i wanna be
like wasp little funny b
buzzing round the pound shit
it sound like love i
might just wanna get down
all these things to worry bout
but not one of em money
shout out to the guardian angel she been out here for me

reapeat hook

tell em I'm in heaven if they calling
tell em i aint calling back
heaven aint got reception
the only advice i takes
from ten year old myself
and my health aint as important
as to fill my urge to build
watch mean if words could kill
watch see is not whats real
i feel the struggle tho
i won't ever stress a hoe
but i could love her tho fuck friends
i got family
police can't stand me
one time in florida
i was trippin shrooms with juliet
she cut off my dread
then cut it open cast a spell on it
then i flipped all of my boomers made my way to tennessee
to meet up with some demons
get freaky where the speakers be

repeat hook
Track Name: Pontiac Cognac
i love and hat the herbal essence
hate it make me crazy
but i love the way it make me rhyme fresh
lies sit
where yo eyes is i can see em
wisdom in the youth
they don't know how to be ashamed yet
vibin to sly stylins
crabby lion dog
ey since yah mic is on fire
talkin to myslef i got the most appealing conversation
give me sixty seconds on the tell
ima rock the nation
dont do it better not ima take all the
fifty million facets to this fashionable music junkie
whip a million lashes when I'm walking past
a gauk a gasp attract a flash flood a bad blood
jealous a the chicks ass
and these slick rags
i rock
like it took riches to get em
fuck even this another emceegen
see a need and fill a need
and if a spit speak when I'm preaching i eat em
in the cognac pontiac
just rolled a spliff got a show about an hour from the home town
know its bout go down
bouta wreck it
if ten people show up
ten minds blown
whats a goon to a herd a demons
you don't get it
we don't even need to
speak on the subject
eq them subs up
i like it when it rumble
awe shit the suns up
when am i gonna come down

rock a watch no hands on it
a microphones like some putty in my hands
you only know me from a past tense
its been a minute since I've seen you
and i changed my life motive 50 times
in the last ten
wilds what I'm actin
tho I'm balanced acrobatic
rattlin a box a nails singing when you pass me
walked a million miles with a bag full a six things
not one of em money
stomach ganna grumble
but a little slight a hand
will have you feasting like the sun of a king
i was broke but now I'm rich still a kid
doesn't help
that your boys half capitalist
take to quarters i could flip em to a house in a week
if i need to but i don't need to
other half chilling eatin what the earth feed em
whats the door i got a key to it
get up off yo knees homie
I'm just running laps
life beautiful
i don't give a fuck if this a cult
if its a cult then ima follow the leader
we move mountains unforeseeable
southern demons a seeking a meaning no
we meet in the middle
Track Name: Oscillation
just might jump
if you tell em too
trust my gut
not god
my god
who's the father of this rebellious fool
who said that
got my eye on yah on yah
right hand move
left don't know nothin
been let loose
in cahoots
with the ruffians
kick it on the stoop
whoopsie bank got the bottle
i got the flow
know the herd bringing problems
know yah head bobbin
aint no stopping it
aint no stoppin me
weigh my options like aint my problem
i got noggin for days
and a little haze
and little pretty skin broad
wanna get real stoned
then rub my head while we talk about we
livin in the land where the punks gone b
what the punks gone be this luxury
watcha wanna be
traditions for the stuck in the past
permission at the bottom of the list
come get it if you want what i got
all i got is freedom
speak for the meek seek the thats life bringing
gota grab if you see em
if you don't then finders keepers
timeless season
call the reaper tell em find me sleeping

whats a problem if yah solve it
been a minute since i rocked
hand cuffs while i called my mother
can't quantize divine style
early 20s with a grip on reality
something like that
i can rap at least
i just been rapping up habits
that I've had since acne
I'm pretty sure this account
is a cop that just added me
for real
did you just give me advice?
what were you doing at 20
i believe it was raisin a child
you wasn't this wild
wasn't this talented
wasn't this fly
wasn't this free
you wasn't me
you said fuck yo dreams and you got a job
i aint hating just statin
that really you think
i don't think what i think
because i think
do what i want cause i know what i want
look how i dress cause the art is an essence

put ink on my face as insurance
watch me step foot on this whole fuckin earth
by the time that i die
like open them curtains matter fact
take down them curtains
don't need em
let the sun see me
i know that it sees me i see it
know that i eat and i breath this
i got my cake and i eat it
diffusion got me moving this way
and that away
convex connection is scatters
spin in my chair
and then stop it real fast and pick out a new spot on the atlas
dip out soon as i feel that vibe