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just might jump
if you tell em too
trust my gut
not god
my god
who's the father of this rebellious fool
who said that
got my eye on yah on yah
right hand move
left don't know nothin
been let loose
in cahoots
with the ruffians
kick it on the stoop
whoopsie bank got the bottle
i got the flow
know the herd bringing problems
know yah head bobbin
aint no stopping it
aint no stoppin me
weigh my options like aint my problem
i got noggin for days
and a little haze
and little pretty skin broad
wanna get real stoned
then rub my head while we talk about we
livin in the land where the punks gone b
what the punks gone be this luxury
watcha wanna be
traditions for the stuck in the past
permission at the bottom of the list
come get it if you want what i got
all i got is freedom
speak for the meek seek the thats life bringing
gota grab if you see em
if you don't then finders keepers
timeless season
call the reaper tell em find me sleeping

whats a problem if yah solve it
been a minute since i rocked
hand cuffs while i called my mother
can't quantize divine style
early 20s with a grip on reality
something like that
i can rap at least
i just been rapping up habits
that I've had since acne
I'm pretty sure this account
is a cop that just added me
for real
did you just give me advice?
what were you doing at 20
i believe it was raisin a child
you wasn't this wild
wasn't this talented
wasn't this fly
wasn't this free
you wasn't me
you said fuck yo dreams and you got a job
i aint hating just statin
that really you think
i don't think what i think
because i think
do what i want cause i know what i want
look how i dress cause the art is an essence

put ink on my face as insurance
watch me step foot on this whole fuckin earth
by the time that i die
like open them curtains matter fact
take down them curtains
don't need em
let the sun see me
i know that it sees me i see it
know that i eat and i breath this
i got my cake and i eat it
diffusion got me moving this way
and that away
convex connection is scatters
spin in my chair
and then stop it real fast and pick out a new spot on the atlas
dip out soon as i feel that vibe


from 4, released November 29, 2015



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Since When? Nashville, Tennessee

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